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The widow of the late Adam McCullouch generously donated a trophy to the club to be awarded annually to the member whose model is voted as having most merit at the AGM. The trophy is held by the member for 12 months.


2016/17 Winner

The trophy was again awarded to Rob this time for his 4-cylinder "Seal" Engine. It is anticipated that it could be running very soon. The first few runs will be using model aircraft fuel ignited by glow plugs. To run the engine on petrol would require HT ignition etc.

2015 Winner

The trophy was awarded to Rob for the work he has done on his 3-wheel kit car. Hopefully he will be giving a talk on the construction and problems he had to overcome later on in 2016.

2014 Winner

The trophy was awarded to Barry for his workshop tools mainly produced to enable other items to be completed including a ball-turning tool, a novel knurling device, graduating tool, lantern chuck, tangential fly-cutter and a calibrated carriage stop.

2013 Winner

The trophy was awarded to Dave at the 2013 AGM for his 5" gauge Royal Scot project which is approximately 2 years away from being steamed and tested.

2012 Winner

The trophy was awarded to Bob at the 2012 AGM for his numerous projects and attention to detail. He has manufactured many Sterling engines - all built to the same exacting standards we have come to expect from Bob. The picture below is of his latest project, a Horizontal Steam Engine.

2011 Winner

The trophy was awarded to our current Chairman, Bernard, at the 2011 AGM for his ongoing project, the "Galatea" locomotive, which, to call it a labour of love would be an understatement indeed! This is the first engine Bernard has built so he chooses the most difficult and detailed set of drawings possible produced by Tony Allcock - a note in Blackgate's engineering states 'the most detailed set of drawings ever published'. The workmanship defies imagination and the skill he used on some of the less than perfect castings gives an insight into his ability as an engineer. His modesty doesn't allow him to accept praise. So, by presenting him with the trophy we are doing it for him. Thank you Mr Chairman - we are all waiting to see it in steam!!

2010 Winner

The trophy was again awarded to Tony at the 2010 AGM, this time for his very unusual and interesting model of a Stationary Engine which he scratch built using some drawings which he discovered. Yet another model whose detail and fine finish can only be fully appreciated when the model is immediately in front of the viewer.

2009 Winner

The trophy was awarded to Tony at the 2009 AGM for his general contribution to the model engineering world as both constructor, author and historian but in particular for his well known Steam Lorry.

2008 Winner

The trophy was awarded to Merv at the 2008 AGM for his almost finished 3" Burrell traction engine. Please check the Member's model area for general progress and up-to-date photographs as this superb model nears completion.

2007 Winner

The trophy was awarded for the very first time to Mike for his magnificent 1500 series Locomotive. The paintwork has to be seen 'in the flesh' so to speak to fuly appreciate the quality of the finish. A real pearl!!